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Booker T Applauds Two Former Students On Winning Major Championships

This week, Booker T celebrated the victories of two of his former students and acknowledged the role his Reality of Wrestling brand played in developing the stars. The WWE Hall of Famer turned wrestling coach Booker T opened the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast by praising Roxanne Perez and Athena for their respective title victories in NXT and Ring of Honor. Booker T congratulated Roxanne Perez on winning the NXT Women’s Championship.

That’s awesome because she was a Reality of Wrestling Champion, the first-ever ROH Champion, and is now an NXT Champion. That’s a bunch of achievements for someone so young. With his victory over Mandy Rose, Perez, 21, became one of the youngest singles champions in WWE history. Booker T said, I wanted to give her that moment when she won, but I wanted to jump in the ring. He hugged Perez after Tuesday’s episode had finished airing from his position providing commentary.

Booker T added, She’s already a Hall of Famer. Currently, if she continues on this path, she will be a leader in 20 years and go to the Hall of Fame, thanking me when she is old. I am anticipating it. Athena was also congratulated by Booker T for winning the ROH Women’s Championship at Final Battle, but he also gave her some career-saving advice, telling her to work less rigidly in the ring. Athena, be sure to abide by Reality of Wrestling’s rules.

Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling training school

The latest Anoa’i family member to enter the world of professional wrestling has begun training. Zilla Fatu, son of late WWE superstar Umaga, has reported to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling training school. The Bloodline, WWE’s top faction, is made up of members of the Anoa’i family, including Roman Reigns, the Usos, and Solo Sikoa. 

Given his family ties and Booker T’s relationship with WWE, Fatu joining the company and The Bloodline in the future would not be surprising. Nevertheless, given the young performer’s inexperience, that is most likely a long way off. The Anoa’i family is also well-known in the world of Reality of Wrestling. The Usos made a surprise appearance for the firm during their development days in 2008, along with then-manager Athena. 

Umaga came out to celebrate their victory and raised their arms. Umaga died in the following year, but members of his family are still carrying the flame of his wrestling legacy. Another person in the family is Dwayne Johnson, who is a second cousin to Reigns, the Usos, as well as Sikoa’s father, Rikishi. Young Fatu has a lot to live up to with that kind of pedigree. However, this implies he will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on as he enters the outrageous world of pro wrestling.


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