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Bobby Puppet Moves in a Behind-the-Scenes Video from Sweet Tooth

Jim Mickle, the showrunner of Sweet Tooth, has shared a behind-the-scenes video revealing how animatronics were used to move Bobby, the human-groundhog hybrid. After his father’s unexpected death, Gus (Christian Convery), a young deer-human hybrid, travels out into a divided world in quest of his mother in Colorado.

Gus meets a host of amazing characters while learning about love and friendship with his protector Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) a.k.a. “Big Man,” who dubs Gus “Sweet Tooth.”

BTS Scene

Mickle, the showrunner of Sweet Tooth, just tweeted a behind-the-scenes video of Bobby the Gopher. The short movie shows the Bobby puppet being walked up to various crew members by puppeteers; Bobby’s head and torso are controlled by two poles, and his feet are timed with the puppeteer’s. He can be operated remotely on occasion. Take a look at this cute video:

The fourth episode of Sweet Tooth, “Secret Sauce,” introduces Bobby. Despite having only a few lines in the first season, bringing him to life required two distinct voice performers. Fractured FX’s Kevin Kirkpatrick explained that operating Bobby on camera sometimes required five or six people. Gus and Bobby go on to become great friends in the comics, which bodes well for those hoping to see more of the character.

While the show has yet to be renewed, a second season appears to be a virtual certainty. Sweet Tooth’s fairy-tale-like approach to its source material is proving new, engaging, and wickedly funny among the abundance of superhero-oriented comic-book adaptations.

Following a year that felt startlingly similar to the show’s “Great Crumble,” an upbeat story about an innocent Gopher a la E.T. could be just what streaming needs.

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