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Bly Manor Boss Gives Major Updates On New Netflix Horror Series, Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan, the creator of The Haunting of Bly Manor has shared a major update on his Netflix horror series, Midnight Mass. The boss revealed on his social media handle that production had been wrapped on the series.

He talked about the COVID-enforced safety measures that have been implemented on the set. The series features Kate Siegel and follows the “miraculous events and frightening omens” that will break out among the population of an isolated island community. This will happen after the arrival of a mysterious priest.

Mike said that they wrapped on Midnight Mass and it has been extraordinary and unprecedented production. He said he cannot have been prouder of the cast and crew and that it has been the best production experience of his career. The creator further added that preparation for the series has begun back in December 2019.

He informed that production was shut down in March 2020 because of the ongoing pandemic. The boss further said, “I kept in regular contact with the cast and crew during the lockdown. When talk turned to resume production, it became clear that we might be one of the very first shows to attempt it. There was no playbook. This was completely uncharted territory.”

Mike shared that they had resumed their production in July 2020 and had begun shooting on August 17th. He informed that while other productions were said to be ‘leading the charge’, they had already started shooting quietly.

Flanagan continued: “Our COVID safety protocols were thorough, scientific, and strictly enforced. Our precautions paid off – we did not miss a single day of production, and unlike a lot of other shows, we did not shut down once. Not one time. 83 shooting days, without interruption.

“I’ve been reluctant to direct a whole season again after HILL HOUSE

“Our cast and crew demonstrated remarkable respect, caution, and care for each other on a daily basis, choosing to protect each other with their behavior, both on set and off. KN95 masks, face shields, and hand sanitation became a way of daily life.”

Mike explained how successful the COVID-19 protocols they have put up in place. Their protocols were so in place, that other productions began calling them for advice. The production was also able to wrap up production on time.

He further said the plan was outlined last spring which seemed impossible. The creator further wrote, “It’s as though we threw a dart in June, and somehow – against all odds – watched it hit the bullseye in December.” He further thanked the cast and crew of Midnight Mass and described the series as his “dream project”.

Mike continued sharing that it is the most personal story he has ever told. He said, “I’ve been reluctant to direct a whole season again after HILL HOUSE, but I’m so glad I did in this case. I am so lucky to have worked with this cast and crew.”

He further shared how 2020 was a year of unprecedented awfulness on planet Earth. The boss explained it feels like a television show that does not matter. However, he said he feels lucky to have worked with the amazing people he has worked with.

Midnight Mass also stars Friday Night Lights‘ Zach Gilford, Legion‘s Hamish Linklater, and The X-Files‘ Annabeth Gish.

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