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BLXST Creates A Cinematic Millennial Love Tale Illuminated By A Hustler’s Reality With ‘Be Alone’

Lyrics from ‘Be Alone”

I been on the late night, making sure your plate right
You be paranoid hearing sirens again (Shee)
I been tryna make time, I been movin’ statewide
Hope I’m on the safe side, flyin’ in the wind, ayy
You know I double back, right after running laps
I thought you wanted a hustler, girl, it come with that
I need that duck off duffle, I need that humble pack
And I’m tryna put you on to something you ain’t never had

Major Recording Artist ‘Blxst’ is the new age Millennial author for every Millennial attempting to balance reality versus dreams.  Every man desire to create wealth, provide for his family, and provide luxury amenities to the queen in his life.  The most valuable commodity in life is ‘time’ and you can never turn back the clock.  Women equate love with time and building an empire involves an incalculable investment to achieve greatness. 

Blxst narrates raw emotions and thoughts of a young black king in pursuit of life changing wealth and ensuring the protection of his queen.  ‘Be Alone’ highlights the strain of hustling entangled with love.  Women provide the backbone inside a man’s kingdom and demand the highest level of affection.  Blxst echoes the true authenticity of men’s heart worldwide and enables women to be conscious of the need for patience with Millennial love.  The music of Blxst has its own lane and his vision is now televised (Shee!!!!!)

Jonathan P-Wright

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for several mainstream media sites and based in Palo Alto, California.

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