‘Blockscan Chat’ To Become Ethereum’s Instant Messenger: Etherscan

The curators of Etherscan, a popular block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum, recently unveiled the launch of an Ethereum-based “wallet-to-wallet” instant messaging service called Blockscan Chat. The release came in a beta version, aiming to expand the use cases of Ethereum beyond DeFi and NFTs, Decrypt reports.

Excited ether holders are calling this latest tool the “Ethereum Instant Messenger” as talks about the messaging app is gaining more and more traction lately.

Not A Decentralised App

Why do we need a separate chat when there is a multitude of applications available on your phone for messaging? A major takeaway it may offer over others is primarily associated with the ability to control one’s own privacy – by being in control of your data and communicating without fear of surveillance – provided its messages get stored on a blockchain.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for this service. As per the application, messages on here don’t get stored on a blockchain, so it can’t exploit the benefits of decentralization.

Who Can Use This App?

The services offered by Blockscan will be available to anyone with an ether wallet. Users can start messaging as soon as they connect their Ethereum wallet to the Blockscan chat, allowing them to message other addresses and get notified on the block explorer when their address receives a message, CryptoNews notes.

Blocking Out Spam

Redditers have expressed their interest in the idea of this application as well, though they fear that much like Twitter, the app may get “spammy” in the beginning. To address such concerns, Etherscan has introduced a blocking feature that allows users to block any potential spam.

To add to all this, the team of developers for Blockscan chat also forewarned, “Never share your confidential information, passwords, private keys, or seed phrases with ANYONE! Be extra careful when receiving any external links or online forms. Always keep an eye out for malicious parties in the Dark Forest”

Some Use Cases That May Be Worth Looking Out For

Enthusiastic users on Twitter are already discussing the potential use cases to take advantage of through blockscan – a major one among them being the opportunity to buy NFTs in the non-fungible marketplace at a cheaper overall cost.

Another method, as stated by Ryan Sean Adams, is that we can also reach out to hackers when attempting to negotiate the return of funds, given the need arises.

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