Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Official Poster Released, Suggest Some Big Reveals

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is set to release its final arc with the new name adaption. It is time for the soul reapers to get back on the duty and protect the good souls from “hollows”. Thousand-Year Blood War will be released in a few months, and a recent source says that it will include animation from a shonen classic.

Bleach ran for around 300 episodes in its original anime. Before the manga’s last arc had even begun, Bleach’s initial anime run was canceled, and since then, fans have been longing for a new season of the show.

The creator of the show has hyped up the anime saying that it will be very different from what they are expecting. In a special interview with Viz media, the creator Tite Kubo discussed how different this version of the anime will be from the original. Fans could spot the differences like the new visuals in all the trailers released until now.

Bleach Anime New Poster

A new poster has been released which gives us a new look at some familiar faces from the previous anime. However, there was one significant storyline involving the Soul Society’s conflict with the Quincy Family that was never adapted for television.

Since Bleach will finally be returning to television and streaming services this fall thanks to Studio Pierrot, many anime fans are very excited to see it. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc was one of the biggest battles that Ichigo and his friends had within the Shonen series from Tite Kubo.

The poster was released by Viz Media  for Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc on its official Twitter handle. The poster also give us a look at major villains the Ichigo and his army will be facing in the series. Creator Tite Kubo recently brought Bleach back to the pages of Shonen Jump with a brand-new chapter that depicts the Soul Society’s members years after the series’ original ending.

Now we know that Ichico and his fellow Soul Society friends have their own children, the group is faced with dark forces that disrupt the Soul Society. It would be exciting to see what new adventure the anime holds.

It would be exciting to see what the new version of Bleach has to offer. As per the creator, there will be a lot of major differences in the anime. What are your thoughts on Bleach’s new anime? The fans are eagerly waiting for this anime.

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