BLACKPINK's Lisa Has Surpassed Rose & Become Spotify's 4th Most Followed K-Pop Female Soloist

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has Surpassed Rose & Become Spotify’s 4th Most Followed K-Pop Female Soloist

Lisa’s surge in social media followers is out of this world. Spotify has become one of the most successful online music platforms. Various new music from artists and bands from all over the world have been accessible on Spotify. K-Pop stars, of course, have a huge number of followers and streams on the site as well.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s personal Spotify profile was officially established on September 3rd, prior to her solo debut. She has more than 2.43 million followers as of now.

Earlier, YG Entertainment stated that LALISA has achieved 100 million streams on Spotify in just 46 days, making it the second quickest single by a K-pop solo artist to achieve this feat. What’s more amazing is that her number one song, the popular b-side MONEY, has surpassed 100 million Spotify streams in the 37 days after its release.

Lisa not only broke several fantastic records with the number of plays of her two debut singles, but she also became the fastest Kpop artist to gain 1 million followers (breaking Rosé’s previous record) and 2 million followers on Spotify.

Lisa has also officially surpassed Taeyeon (SNSD) and Rosé to become the fourth most followed Kpop Solo Act on Spotify, with over 2.43 million followers. She had previously overtaken Jennie as the most-streamed solo single by a K-pop singer on this site.

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