BLACKPINK's Jisoo Shines In Her Solo Debut With "ME" & Fans Can't Get Enough!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Shines In Her Solo Debut With “ME” & Fans Can’t Get Enough!

Jisoo of BLACKPINK eventually published her highly anticipated solo debut album ME on March 31st. The record includes two songs: the title tune Flower and All Eyes on Me. Jisoo is the group’s final solo debut since Jennie made her début with the song SOLO in 2018.

Following Jennie, Rosé issued her single album R in March 2021, which included the tracks On the Ground and Gone, and Lisa made her solo début in the same year with LALISA and the eponymous title track. Jisoo eventually published her album two years after Rosé and Lisa’s albums, and the audience responses are evidence of the adoration she has received.

Flower is a gorgeous showcase of stunning settings and pricey ensembles. Jisoo is portrayed in the aesthetically stunning music video as the most beautiful blossom that blooms against all obstacles in the dreamlike, ruminative dance track with a lovely tune and pensive lyrics. The music was penned and composed by long-time YG Entertainment lyricists and songwriters Vince, KUSH, VVN, Teddy, 24, and KUSH. Jisoo’s raspy and powerful vocals elevate the tune even further.

Jisoo completely accepts her maturation and comes into her own in the music video, leaving only a whiff of her flowery fragrance behind. Jisoo’s path as a K-pop sensation, from a youthful and upcoming rookie to a bonafide solo artist, is beautifully captured in the film. The record is about Jisoo becoming her person, both as a member of BLACKPINK and as a solo performer.

BLACKPINK supporters have been discussing the record widely on social media since its release. Fans congratulated Jisoo on his great solo launch with ME and expressed their gratitude on social media. Flower has surpassed 7 million views in 1 hour and 39 minutes, beating the mark previously held by VIBE starring Jimin of BTS and Taeyang of BIGBANG. Furthermore, ME has received 1.3 million pre-orders, which is the most ever for an album by a Korean female performer.

Jisoo launched “Jisoo’s Flower House” at Platz S in Seoul to commemorate her premiere solo record. The occasion was only for admirers, who got to see the Flower MV come to life in an elegant reproduction. Jisoo attended the event and celebrated the album’s release with her admirers. She also praised her BLACKPINK teammates for their support during the ME preparation and production process, and Rosé even paid her a call on the filming stages.

ME assisted Jisoo in discovering a new side of herself, which she was able to display through her solo record. She worked on idea development, styling, and music video production to give her themes a distinct flavor for her solo album. Jisoo worked hard to hone her skills and ability so that she could leave her imprint as a performer rather than a member of BLACKPINK. With the triumph of ME, Jisoo has made a lasting impact on her admirers as a solo performer.


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