BLACKPINK Teases Two New “Unknown” Albums

BLACKPINK is today considered the biggest girl group on the planet by many. They have millions of fans spread across the globe. They are the most streamed girl group on both Spotify and YouTube. What’s more, with over 80 Millions subs, they are also the most subscribed artist on YouTube. BLACKPINK is today one of the key factors behind the global popularity of K-Pop. Their songs Kill This Love, How You Like That, DDU-DU DDU-DU, and Pink Venom are among the most famous K-Pop songs ever released.

Even with so much that they have achieved there’s one thing that most fans aren’t always happy about. In their more than six years of career, BLACKPINK has only released 33 songs so far. Their most recent studio album, Born Pink, only contained 8 songs. The album, also titled “The Album”, that they released before that also only contained 8 songs. They have also released single/mini albums, “Square One“, “Square Two”, “Square Up” and “Kill This Love”.

BLACKPINK’s producer Teddy Park had previously stated that they follow a “quality over quantity” approach, but it’s not something that all the fans like.

BLACKPINK To Release Two New Albums Soon?

BLACKPINK’s most recent album was released after a wait of almost two years. However, it seems that fans will not have to wait for that much to hear new music from BLACKPINK this time. YG Entertainment recently dropped a teaser for new content from BLACKPINK. Currently, it’s not known what this project titled, “Born Pink Memories” is supposed to be, but it’s strongly speculated that it’s another reality show like BLACKPINK Diaries.

In the teaser, fans quickly noticed an interesting detail. When a hand pulls the pink “Born Pink” drawer in the file cabinet, there are two boxes/drawers below that which are named as “Unknown”. All other boxes represent all the albums that BLACKPINK has released so far, so fans think that the “Unknown” boxes signify two new albums from BLACKPINK. Fans believe that BLACKPINK will probably release new music before their strongly rumored appearance at music festivals like, “The Town” and “Coachella”.


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