BLACKPINK Lisa’s New Edelweiss Flower Tatto Meaning Explained

K-pop sensation Lalisa Manobal, popularly known as Lisa from the group BLACKPINK, has once again caused a stir online. This time, it’s not just because of her stunning looks and fashion sense but due to a small tattoo that fans noticed above her ribs.

Lisa graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore magazine, clad in a range of stylish outfits from the luxury fashion house Celine. In the cover image, Lisa looked absolutely breathtaking in a beaded-pink dress and a black hat.

The eagle-eyed fans, however, noticed a small tattoo just above Lisa’s ribs, which she has yet to show off. Fans believe that the tattoo is of her favorite flower, the edelweiss, known for its star-shaped petals symbolizing devotion and toughness – traits that are often associated with Lisa’s personality.

Fans of the BLACKPINK superstar, known as Blinks and Lilies, were thrilled to see the new ink and took to social media to express their excitement. Many fans shared their theories and opinions on the meaning behind the tattoo, while some were curious about the placement and significance of the design.

“#LISA has a tattoo of the edelweiss flower this flower carries a meaning of devotion. The symbolism of devotion derives from the fact that the edelweiss flower grows in some of the toughest alpine conditions in the world,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

As one of the most popular K-pop idols, Lisa has a massive following, and anything she does or wears quickly becomes a trend. With her new tattoo, fans can’t wait to see how Lisa incorporates it into her style and image.

In conclusion, Lisa‘s new tattoo has caused a frenzy among her fans, who are eagerly waiting for her to reveal more details about the design. As always, the Thai superstar has managed to leave her fans in awe and anticipation with her stunning looks and unique fashion sense.

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