Blackpink Lisa's Money Becomes Fastest K-Pop Performance Video To Cross 300M Views

Blackpink Lisa’s Money Becomes Fastest K-Pop Performance Video To Cross 300M Views

Lisa’s fans appear to be having a busy couple of weeks. We first met Lisa in LA, when she was on a US press junket and met DJ Snake; as well as supporting her friend, Indonesian artist NIKI Zefanya; at the HITC music festival in 2021.

Lisa made news after returning to South Korea last week when she tested positive for Covid-19. Fans have been sending her encouraging words since then. They even chose to cheer her up by assisting in the achievement of another milestone for her popular song “Money.”

Lisa made her solo debut in September with the album ‘Lalisa,’; which became a popular song. As ‘Lalisa’ smashed YouTube records and topped Billboard and iTunes charts for weeks, the Blackpink diva broke multiple records; made history, and even received two Guinness World Records entries.

‘Money,’ the b-side single, has been giving the title tune, ‘Lalisa,’ a run for its money. It became popular on social media, with even non-K-pop fans making TikToks with it. It’s still charting on Billboard and other international sites, and it’s now set two YouTube records.

While only a music video for ‘Lalisa’ was released, the Blackpink member surprised fans with a performance video for ‘Money’. On November 29, the ‘Money’ performance video on YouTube surpassed 300 million views. It closely follows the ‘Lalisa’ music video, which has 356 million views on YouTube; and some fans believe it may be overshadowed as ‘Money’ grows in popularity.

“How You Like That” reached 300 million YouTube views in just 77 days

Lisa is now the first and only female K-pop idol to have two videos with more than 300 million views. ‘Money’ has also broken the record for the fastest choreography video by a K-pop act; reaching 300 million views in just 66 days. Blackpink previously held the record, with their performance video for “How You Like That” reaching 300 million YouTube views in just 77 days. Furthermore, with over 3 million views in the last 24 hours, the ‘Money’ performance video was the most viewed video by a K-pop act on its 66th day.

At the same moment, Lisa became the first K-pop act and the first Korean celebrity to reach 68 million Instagram followers; making her the platform’s most-followed in each of these categories. Her group, Blackpink, has also extended their lead as the most subscribed YouTube artist. With 65.2 million subscribers, they earlier surpassed Justin Bieber’s channel.

The K-pop girl quintet also became the first artist to reach 70 million followers on November 29. This is quite an achievement considering they only have 395 videos on their channel; which was created just over five years ago.

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