BLACKPINK Lisa Makes “Just Be Jealous” A Trend With New Iconic Fashion Choice

BLACKPINK Lisa is not only a talented rapper, singer and dancer, but also a fashion icon who knows how to make a statement with her style. The Thai superstar, who debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016 and as a solo artist in 2021, has achieved phenomenal success in both music and fashion. She is the global brand ambassador for luxury fashion brands like Celine and Bulgari, and the most followed K-pop artist on Instagram with over 90 million followers. She also holds several Guinness World Records, including the most-viewed music video in 24 hours by a solo artist for her debut single “Lalisa”.

Lisa’s fashion choices often reflect her confidence, charisma, and personality. She likes to wear caps and tops with catchy slogans that express her attitude and mood. Some of her previous iconic outfits include “God’s Favorite”, “Main Character”, “I Love To Make Boys Cry”, and “I Love Cats Not You”. Fans love to see Lisa’s fashion updates and get inspired by her style.

On 13th May, Lisa showed up at the sound check for BLACKPINK’s Born Pink show in Singapore wearing another eye-catching outfit. She wore a black T-shirt from VETEMENTS that had the phrase “Just Be Jealous” printed on it in white letters. She paired it with yellow snap track pants and humanrace samba sneakers, creating a casual yet chic look. The phrase “Just Be Jealous” quickly became a top trend on social media as fans reacted to Lisa’s latest fashion choice. Many praised her for being bold, fierce and stunning, while others expressed their admiration and envy for her beauty and talent.

Lisa’s “Just Be Jealous” T-shirt is not only a fashion statement, but also a reflection of her achievements and popularity. As one of the most successful and influential K-pop artists in the world, Lisa has many reasons to make people jealous of her. She has broken numerous records and barriers with her music, such as becoming the first K-pop solo artist to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify with her debut single album LALISA, and having the most streamed K-pop soloist song on the platform with “Money”.

Lisa’s “Just Be Jealous” T-shirt is a reminder of how far she has come and how much she has achieved as an artist and as a person. It is also a message to her fans and haters alike that she is proud of herself and her work, and that she is not afraid to show it. Lisa is not only making people jealous with her fashion choice, but also with her success and happiness.

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