BLACKPINK Lisa Announces Fourth Birthday Special Photobook For Fans

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has announced a new special photobook in celebration of her upcoming birthday. The K-pop sensation’s birthday is on March 27th, and this year she will turn 26. For the past three years, Lisa has released special photobooks on her birthday, and this year is no exception.

What Is The Photobook About

The fourth photobook, titled ‘0327’, contains a collection of Lisa’s activities from last year’s second full album promotions, behind-the-scenes of her activities at home and abroad, and travel photos. Lisa has been actively involved in the planning, curation, and design of the photobook, adding a personal touch to the collection. This year’s edition is produced in hardcover format and consists of 184 pages of images showcasing Lisa’s perspective and colorful daily life.

The previous three editions of the ‘0327’ photobooks were all sold out within moments of pre-orders opening, and they were well-received by fans all over the world. In response to this, Lisa has continued to present her fans with new and exciting photobooks each year.

Pre-orders for the fourth photobook will be open until March 26th, and it will be available at YG Select, Weverse Shop, Ktown4u, and online and offline music stores nationwide from March 27th. The photobook will also include random polaroids, random selfie photo cards, and sticker sets to increase its value and collectability.

Moreover, the photobook has been produced with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. It is made of soybean oil ink, which is an eco-friendly alternative to regular ink, and the coating can be recycled. The packaging vinyl is also made of biodegradable material, which shows Lisa’s commitment to the environment and her fans’ values.

BLACKPINK, the K-pop girl group that Lisa is a part of, is currently on the largest world tour of any K-pop girl group. The tour has attracted around 1.5 million people, and last year they successfully completed 14 North American concerts in 7 cities and 10 European tours in 7 cities. The group is set to perform as headliners at the ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’ in the US in April and the ‘Hyde Park British Summertime Festival’ in the UK in July.

In conclusion, the announcement of Lisa’s fourth special photobook has delighted fans all over the world. The photobook promises to showcase Lisa’s perspective and colorful daily life, and it is an eco-friendly and sustainable product that aligns with Lisa’s values. With the photobook set to release on Lisa’s birthday, fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival and are sure to snap it up in no time.

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