Blackpink Jennie’s Role In HBO’s “The Idol”, Fans’ Reaction To The First Teaser

After The Idol teaser was released, fans are going bonkers by seeing their favorite Blackpink’s Jennie in the teaser.

When the teaser was released we got an official confirmation of her being a part of the series. The series also stars The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), Lily-Rose Depp, Debbie Ryan, Troye Sivan, Steve Zissis, Elizabeth Berkley, Hari Nef, Juliebeth Gonzalez, and others.

Her role in the series might be of a dancer, according to the teaser which we saw. She is seen in 2-3 scenes where she is seen doing dance rehearsals and choreography. Fans are excited to see Blackpink’s Jennie and wish that she has more screen time in the series. We don’t really know if she’s playing the major role or not but it would be great seeing her acting skills onscreen.

In the first scene, we see Jennie when Lily-Rose Depp and the crew are rehearsing, so the transition goes from rehearsing to the actual day of performance rehearsals. All the dancers are surrounding Lily in the scene, Jennie is seen wearing a Black Blazer & shorts.

In the second scene, we can again see the dance crew & Lily practicing their hand movements. Jennie is too there at the side in the same scene wearing a grey crop top with open hair. By the end of the trailer see Jennie enjoyably dancing in the background.

Let’s see what the fan reactions have to say about the teaser,

Even though fans are happy seeing Jennie, some fans don’t have a positive response to the teaser because of too much nudity. Some even think the series teaser had no theme or an attractive plot it’s just unnecessary vulgarity.

Some of them even called it Midsommar but with more vulgarity. Some were even upset because Blackpink’s Jennie was not at the center but on the side in scenes.

Other than negative reviews there were positive reviews as well with fans saying that “Sami Levinson Is giving us the idol in absence of Euphoria “, they were also excited about what Sam Levinson has in store for the audience. Some even commented the show is going to be crazy. Some even assumed that Jennie might be Lily’s best friend in the series.

About The Idol

The story of the series will center on a “self-help guru and a cult leader” who gets into a complicated relationship with a budding pop star. The music industry will serve as a backdrop in the series. n the teaser, we get to see glimpses of The Weeknd & Lily-Rose Depp’s relationship, dance, money, drugs, sex, music, fun & rise to fame. It’s a teaser packed with the ups and downs of the industry and how’s it difficult to survive in it to make a name for yourself. The series is directed by Sam Levinson & is created by him, Abel Tesfaye The Weeknd, and Reza Fahim.

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