BLACKPINK Jennie's Most Iconic Looks That Will Make You Drool

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Most Iconic Looks That Will Make You Drool

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNIE KIM!!! Blackpink is one of the biggest names in the music industry. They are the world’s biggest girl band and one of the most popular bands right now. The band consists of four members, each of them is well-known not only for their music and singing but also for their appearance and fashion sense.

One of the members, Jennie, is unquestionably one of the trendy idols of the bunch. Jennie Kim is a well-known K-Pop star not only in Korea but also throughout the world. She is also highly successful on social media, with nearly 60 million Instagram followers.

Many people like Jennie’s fashion sense and dress choices, and millions of followers want to imitate her and her style. Jennie Kim is frequently seen in her casual attire, which is simple to look at and wear, but she appears like a true diva on stage or on the red carpet. She is frequently spotted wearing denim, sunglasses, cardigans, and trousers, among other items.

Many consider Jennie’s dress style to be the best in K-Pop culture. She enjoys wearing skirts, and her appearance in little skirts is enough to make your heart melt. Jennie Kim wears suits and coats as well. Thousands of photographs of Jennie on the Internet demonstrate that she is a true princess, and you can learn from her.

Jennie Kim is turning 26 on January 16, 2022, and she is already known as the Human Gucci. Fans have already geared up for celebrating Jennie Kim’s birthday. Let’s look at her most iconic looks.

Jennie Kim in a slick black tuxedo little dress at the HERA event in Seoul, South Korea, in March 2019.
Jennie for Elle Korea magazine which will be out in February 2022
Jennie wearing a Chanel belt.
Backstage at a Blackpink event, Jennie wore a spring/summer 2019 Chanel bodysuit and belt to play on stage with her band members, blending all areas of her life together.
When Jennie gets angry, she disses and swaggers hard! |
For the unfamiliar, the YG entertainment agency came under fire after Jennie was seen in a nurse’s outfit in a K-pop song video. Jennie was wearing pants with the embroidered phrase “censored” to protest YG Entertainment’s earlier decision to remove the controversial nurse attire sequence from BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls music video. However, some supporters feel that others are exaggerating the situation. Jennie Kim, on the other hand, made an unforgettable fashion statement.
The idol is wearing a red Chanel jumper at the Incheon International Airport in September 2019.
Jennie Kim slaying with her outfits a few other times. Happy Birthday, Jennie!! We look forward to the many accomplishments and fashion statements that you will give us this year as well.

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