BLACKPINK Jennie Had To Apologize For Being Too In Demand At The Idol Photocall At Cannes

The 76th Cannes Film Festival was a glamorous event that showcased some of the most anticipated films and TV shows of the year. Among the celebrities who graced the red carpet was BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who made her acting debut in the HBO show The Idol.

Jennie impressed everyone with her stunning outfits and visuals at the Cannes Film Festival. She wore a princess-like white Chanel dress for the premiere of The Idol, which matched her sweet and innocent image.

Jennie then attended the press event and photocall for The Idol, where she changed into a sophisticated black dress that contrasted with her previous look. She posed alongside her fellow cast members, showing off her professionalism and charisma. However, Jennie also gained the attention of all the photographers, who loudly chanted Jennie’s name, wanting her to pose for some solo shots for them.

Apparently, only Lily and Abel were supposed to get solo shots, as they were the main leads of the show. But the photographers were so captivated by Jennie that they started screaming her name after Lily and The Weeknd were done with their shots. Jennie was surprised by the sudden demand, but she obliged and stepped out for a solo photoshoot. She smiled and waved at the cameras, showing her gratitude and grace.

However, Jennie also felt sorry for her co-stars. She humbly apologized to them after the shoot. Her co-stars were understanding and supportive of her.

Jennie’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival was a huge success, as she proved her versatility and talent as both a singer and an actor. She also showed her humble and kind personality, which made her even more lovable to her fans and the public. Jennie is truly a star in every sense of the word.


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