Black Veil Brides Release Animated Lyrics Video Of Their New Single ‘Crimson Skies’ News

Black Veil Brides Release Animated Lyrics Video Of Their New Single ‘Crimson Skies’

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Time icon June 6, 2021

Musical band named Black Veil Brides have shared an animated music video for their new ‘Crimson Skies’. Don’t worry, you can watch it further down this article!

The metal band recently told the fans that their sixth album, ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’, has been postponed back to October 29, and thus compensated the fans by the release of a new single.

Crimson Skies Animation

‘Crimson Skies’ is accompanied by an animated video that expands on the basic story of the upcoming concept album based on the idea of frontman Andy Biersack.

Created by Ale & Cake Illustration with Tim Edwards, the video shows the clash between the main character “Blackbird” and his fans as they take on “9”, his enemy introduced in the video titled ‘Fields Of Bone’.

Heavy Track Of The Album

Announcing the video on Twitter, Biersack wrote: “This video follows the TPT music video canon and is the 3rd chapter in the story. The record and comic are connected cannon but follow different timelines for Blackbird. After watching Crimson Skies what are your predictions for the next chapter?”

Remember the promise? Told you we’ll throw a link to the video in course of this article so here you go! check out the video below:

Talking to Kerrang! back in April, Biersack said ‘Crimson Skies’ would be one of the heaviest tracks in ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’.

The Phantom Of Tomorrow

Speaking again on the ‘The Phantom Of Tomorrow’ upcoming album, Biersack said the group’s intention with the album was “to evolve our sound dynamics”.

“According to our catalog, this album is probably very much in line with ‘Wretched And Divine’,” he added.

“The main thing when it comes to the sound and everything else about ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’, though, is the detail and the time we took to really build this thing out and make it multi-faceted. There are many layers to what we’ve created, and that’s something we’re really proud of.”

You can see the playlist for ‘The Phantom Of Tomorrow’ below:

1. ‘The Phantom Tomorrow (Introduction)’
2. ‘Scarlet Cross’
3. ‘Born Again’
4. ‘Blackbird’
5. ‘Spectres (Interlude)’
6. ‘Torch’
7. ‘The Wicked One’
8. ‘Shadows Rise’
9. ‘Fields Of Bone’
10. ‘Crimson Skies’
11. ‘Kill The Hero’
12. ‘Fall Eternal’

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