Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Second Clip At D23 Expo: ‘ Black Panther Is Gone’

Finally, the D23 expo’s Marvel segment is over! It left all the Marvel fans quite overwhelmed after back-to-back huge announcements. The D23 Marvel segment started with Steve Rogers Musical. The first announcement to take place was obviously of Black Panther Wakanda: Forever.

Black Panther 2 will be released soon, this November. At the D23 panel, Marvel revealed the second footage of the film. Angela Bassett, who plays the Queen of Wakanda was welcomed with applauses on stage. The first trailer released at Comic-Con gave a tribute to Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa legacy. It showed glimpses of the villain, the aftermath of the loss of Wakanda’s king, and the next Black Panther’s iconic shot.

The second clip focused more on how the world attempted to take over the resources of Wakanda with the nation mourning the loss of their beloved king. The film is filled with new fears, battles, difficulties, grief & the declaration of Black Panther. By the end of the series we get a view of the shot of Black Panther’s claws, but we didn’t know yet will it be Shuri who will take the legacy forward or someone else. But its known, that the second clip hinted at Shuri being the next Black Panther.

Details About Second Footage

According to Comic Book & Screen Rant’s description of the footage. It’s known that the Queen Of Wakanda is at some kind of United Nations meeting. In the meeting, people are furious over Wakandans for selling their resources, especially vibranium out in the world without sharing any information. Queen of Wakanda declines from giving out any information because it is Wakanda’s policy to not disclose anything. Not because the vibranium is dangerous but, she says ‘ of the dangerous potential of you ‘.

Ramonda, The Queen declares that ‘King is dead. Black Panther Is Gone. They have lost their protector’. The mercenaries attack the scientists and Dora Milaje fights to protect them. The Dora Milaje brings the mercenaries in front of everyone to show that Wakanda still has that power even at its weakest. There were a couple of glimpses of Namor, the villain too in action.

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