Black Panther 2 Director Answers If Ironheart Will Take Up Iron Man’s Mantle

It’s been three years since the departure of Tony Stark’s Iron Man from the Marvel Universe. Fans still miss him and a lot of doubts remain surrounding his mantle. As Tony Stark’s mantle hasn’t been passed to anyone yet.

When Spider-Man Far From Home was about to release, people speculated it would be Spider-Man taking the legacy forward. But it wasn’t really so. Armor Wars film is soon going to arrive in theatres featuring Don Cheadle’s War Machine in the lead role. Fans are also guessing if Rhodey will step up to become the next Iron Man. Don Cheadle has addressed if he will become the next Iron Man or not already, check out here.

Dominique Thorne is all set to make her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Ironheart. The various visuals in trailers and set photos of Riri Williams building her Iron suit give us a cinematic parallel from Iron Man Films. But does that mean she is the one meant for Iron Man’s legacy, let’s get to know from the director of Black Panther 2.

Will Iron Heart Carry Iron Man’s Legacy?

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Coogler spoke about Riri William’s debut in comics and also compared it to Miles Morales. He says when Riri Williams was set to publish a lot of excitement was around her debut which was similar to Miles Morales.

Further, he adds, ” Having lived with these archetypical characters for so long, it’s always exciting seeing somebody come up and take on the moniker with a different background.”

Ryan says Riri Williams has a different type of energy. But she also has similarities to past MCU characters. He confirms that the film will have a lot of things going on and one of them will be ‘foils’. He adds, ” People who exist in contrast, but there’s a thread of similarity.” Shuri will get to meet Riri who has similar interests to her, but is also very different at the same point, he says.

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