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Billie Eillish gives the perfect response to Body shamers with her short film “NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY”

The popular American singer-songwriter, Billie Eillish took to social media on Tuesday evening to unveil an impactful short film titled “NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY”. The 4-minute video clip slams body shamers and judgemental behavior. Coincidentally, this isn’t the first time the film has seen the light of day, the video was initially debuted during the opening of her “Where do we go” World Tour in Miami, where it received a wave of positive response.


The teenage pop icon took to the platform to discuss her fight with body shaming and negative commentary. The video starts with her questioning the audience, “ Do you know me? Really know me?” She further goes on to describe how anyone and everyone seems to have an opinion about her clothes, her music, her body. The singer has struggled with body image issues and has stated in multiple interviews about how negative comments from body shamers and haters have deeply affected her.

In a haunting sequence, Billie Eillish questions the people who have tormented her, ‘Would you like me to be smaller? weaker? softer? taller?’ she said. ‘Would you like me to be quiet? Do my shoulders provoke you? Does my chest? my stomach? my hips? the body I was born with, is it not what you wanted?

She goes on to question the double standards and bigotry, ‘If I wear what is comfortable I am not a woman, if I shed the layers I’m a slut though you’ve never seen my body you still judge it and judge me for it why?’

Negative Digital Experience

The following lines seem to hint at her negative experiences on social media, when she had shared an innocent video of her on vacation in Hawaii, earlier this year, wearing a bikini while enjoying with her friends. The video received a lot of unnecessary hate with insensitive comments slut-shaming her. 

The final lines of the clip continue as she questions and condemn the unnecessary and toxic assumptions people are witness to, we make assumptions about people based on their size, We decide who they are, we decide what they’re worth if I wear more if I wear less who decides what that makes me? What does that mean? is my value-based only on your perception? or is your opinion of me not my responsibility.’ the teenager has previously mentioned that her reason for deliberately wearing baggy, oversized clothing is to avoid being sexualized and body shamed.

The 4-minute clip ends with her slowly undressing each layer before she sinks into a pool of water.

The film seemed to have resonated with a lot of her fans, who cheered her on for clapping back at all the haters and curious cats. They appreciate her for staying true to herself while having the guts to show her vulnerability. Fans have also commented on how the pop singer is ending mainstream beauty standards and redefining societal norms. 

Checkout the Instagram clip:

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