Billie Eilish shares a photo from her 20th birthday bash

Billie Eilish turned 20 on December 18, and she recently came to Instagram to share a photo of her birthday celebrations. Billie shared a series of photos on Instagram showing a lovely candy cake as well as the odd venue where she celebrated her 20th birthday, but you’ll be surprised.

In a series of adorable images, Billie provided a preview of her birthday bash, which looked like it was soaked in the Christmas mood, what with the candy cane cake. However, it was the location where Billie celebrated her birthday that got our attention, as it appeared in her images to be a large, colorful bounce house with pretty fairy lights.

Billie showed off a glimpse of herself inside the cozy bounce house in one of the photographs, and we have to admit, no one could have come up with a cuter way to celebrate their 20th birthday than the Grammy winner.

On her birthday, Billie received various loving wishes from her friends and family, but her brother Finneas’ wish was the cutest. Finneas took to Instagram to share a nice photo of his sister with the caption, “20!!!!!!!!! Watching you grow and become the thoughtful, incredibly kind, talented, hilarious, and hardworking person that you are today has been the joy of my life! I’ll be your #1 fan till the day that I die. There is truly nothing I love more than being your big brother. Happy birthday!!!”

Billie added another achievement to her already impressive career when she made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live and also performed as a musical guest on the same episode before turning 20.

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