Billie Eilish Felt “Really Vulnerable” Singing About Past Abuse On Her Latest Album

Billie Eilish has revealed that singing about her abuse experience on Happier Than Ever made her feel “really vulnerable.”

The multi-award-winning singer, 20, addressed the subject in her most recent album and hit, Your Power, relying on her own and other people’s experiences in the lyrics.

The Bad Guy chart-topper spoke on the difficulty of facing such a horrible moment in her life ahead of her headline show at Glastonbury on Friday, when she will become the event’s youngest solo headliner in its history.

Billie Eilish described her time creating the record with her brother Finneas O’Connell under lockdown as “profound” and “cathartic,” saying, ‘It’s really vulnerable to be putting yourself out there in that way. Here’s all these secrets about me and here’s all these insecurities I have and here are all the things I keep to myself.

What Else Did Billie Say?

Declining to say more about her own experience, other than it was when she was younger, Billie continued: ‘There’s a verse in Your Power that is about my experience and that’s as specific as I’ll get. The rest of it is about so many other things I’ve witnessed — from all these different points of view.

‘It [abuse] does change you. It makes you feel this responsibility and regret and embarrassment. You feel guilty. You feel like it is your fault and it’s because of you and you started it and this and that.’

Billie continued, refusing to tell anything more about her personal experience except that it happened when she was younger:

The ‘worst part,’ she continued, is that abuse can occur to anyone, regardless of how ‘vigilant your parents are’ or how’smart’ you are.

When she gets to the Pyramid stage on Friday night, Eilish will become Glastonbury’s youngest single headliner. As part of her Happier Than Ever international tour, she just finished a run of shows at London’s O2 Arena.

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