Billie Eilish Faces Backlash For Splattering Paint On Limited Edition ‘Happier Than Ever’ CD Covers News

Billie Eilish Faces Backlash For Splattering Paint On Limited Edition ‘Happier Than Ever’ CD Covers

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Time icon July 23, 2021

Billie Eilish is facing backlash after splattering paint on her limited edition album covers of the Happier Than Ever CD. The singer took to her social media handle to announce the same which are now available to purchase.

She mentioned that the limited edition album covers are “hand-painted” and each cover will be one of a kind. But this new technique did not go down well with her fans and users online. Many of them criticized her for her “lack of skill” and called her out for being lazy to just sign the album covers.

This is the latest addition to her controversies list as she has been surrounded by them this year. The musician was earlier criticized for launching overpriced merch in the midst of a pandemic after the release of her documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry.

Billie’s merch was priced around $200 which was being considered as “highly expensive” especially amid the pandemic. The Grammy winner has also been accused of alleged “queerbating” in the Lost Cause music video. She also received backlash after maintaining silence after her boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce was “cancelled” online for his past racist and homophobic comments.

Her fans were also disappointed when the musician allegedly liked an Instagram post that called her fanbase “embarrassing”. Billie was also “cancelled” after an old video resurfaced of the singer allegedly using an Asian slur and mocking Chinese accents.

But the singer did address that particular situation as she apologized on her social media handle; however, more controversy made its way when an interview clip heard Billie calling Cindy from The Boondocks; her favourite cartoon character. Users online criticized the singer for preferring a character who is known for using “blaccent” and being “oblivious of racial issues”.

On top of all this, Billie has yet come under fire for her “splatter-painted”, “handpainted” CD album covers from Happier Than Ever. Many users claimed they could do that themselves instead of paying money for Billie splattering paint on the covers. While other users called her lazy for choosing to “splatter-paint” the CD covers instead of signing them.

Despite finding herself in the middle of many controversies, Billie Eilish continues to have a strong fanbase. Several fans also came to the singer’s defence and supported her on social media. Billie Eilish’s new album Happier Than Ever is slated to release on July 30th, 2021. The performer has also announced a concert special titled Happier Than Ever: A Letter to Los Angeles set to air on Disney+ starting September 3rd, 2021.

What do you think about Billie’s limited edition “splatter-painted” CD album covers? Let me know in the comments below.

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