Billie Eilish Awkwardly Ignores Fan During Q&A Session

Billie Eilish Awkwardly Ignores Fan During Q&A Session

Billie Eilish is having a bad time after the lineup of controversies she has been a part of. This also includes her use of a “blaccent” and uttering a racial slur. She was also accused of being lazy with the promotion of her sophomore album.

The list of controversies also consists of her relationship with her boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce. All these controversies have put her under fire and she has been on the negative radar for quite some time. Recently, a TikTok was shared online with Billie during a live interview. A fan joined the Zoom meeting and simply declared that she loves the singer.

She said, “It wasn’t a question but, thank you, I love you so much, Billie.” The fan then waited for some time along with the interviewer for the singer to respond. However, she remained silent and the interviewer moved on as the fan exited the meeting. Billie was seen hiding her mouth as if she was smiling.

The awkward interaction was shared on Instagram by defnoodles. Many users questioned what the singer was up to and whether or not she meant to ignore the fan. Few people said it might be because the meeting was delayed which meant Billie might not have heard the fan respond in time.

Meanwhile, others were concerned about Billie’s well-being as some asked if she was okay. A user joked, “Did y’all hear sumn?”

Another user said they feel bad for the fan because we could see that she was hurt for not getting a response. The musician was earlier criticized for launching overpriced merch in the midst of a pandemic after the release of her documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry.

Singer Accused Of QueerBating, Selling Expensive Merchandise & For Being Lazy

Billie’s merch was priced around $200 which was being considered as “highly expensive” especially amid the pandemic. The Grammy winner has also been accused of alleged “queerbating” in the Lost Cause music video. She also received backlash after maintaining silence after her boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce was “cancelled” online for his past racist and homophobic comments.

Her fans were also disappointed when the musician allegedly liked an Instagram post that called her fanbase “embarrassing”. Billie was also “cancelled” after an old video resurfaced of the singer allegedly using an Asian slur and mocking Chinese accents.

But the singer did address that particular situation as she apologized on her social media handle; however, more controversy made its way when an interview clip heard Billie calling Cindy from The Boondocks; her favourite cartoon character. Users online criticized the singer for preferring a character who is known for using “blaccent” and being “oblivious of racial issues”.

Recently, Billie Eilish received backlash after splattering paint on her limited edition album covers of the Happier Than Ever CD. The singer took to her social media handle to announce the same which are now available to purchase.

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