“BIGHIT RESPECT JUNGKOOK” Trends As The Company Is Accused of Stealing Credits From The BTS Singer

Jungkook belongs to the most popular boy group on the planet. However, the 25-year-old singer has also built a strong individual global presence and is without a doubt one of the primary representative faces of the Korean wave globally. The vocalist was able to become the most-searched Korean artist on Google and YouTube, without making his official debut as a soloist. And even though he is yet to release his first solo album, the singer has already released many successful solo songs, some under BTS’ Spotify profile and some his own newly created one.

In the year 2022, Jungkook was part of three songs, “Stay Alive”, “Left and Right”, and “Dreamers”. “Stay Alive” is a song recorded by the singer as the original soundtrack for the collaborative webtoon 7Fates: Chakho, created by Hybe and Naver Webtoon. And “Left & Right” was a collaboration song that Jungkook released with American singer Charlie Puth. More recently, the Korean singer took part in the soundtrack for FIFA World Cup 2022 and released the associated track “Dreamers”. All three of these tracks witnessed impressive success, making Jungkook the most streamed K-Pop soloist of the year.

The top 2 songs on BTS’ Spotify profile currently belong to Jungkook. Fans are accusing the company (BigHit) which manages Jungkook and BTS of deliberately adding BTS’ credits to Jungkook’s songs.

Checkout What The Fans Are Saying:

BigHit never disappoints when it’s time to exploit jungkook how can one even justify this whole thing about them stealing his royalties and credits from his own solo projects to promote the group jungkook deserves to be treated with respect just as others”

“the way bh is (not) moving for dreamers is INSANE, forgot to post about its release, never posted mv link for it, no articles for jk and the history he made, doesn’t allow behind the scenes to be posted and is attaching the song’s whole success to bts.”

“armys need to understand the reason jungkook stans are so mad is bc the company is doing NOTHING to promote dreamers while taking credit. no link to the mv or posting articles about dreamers, not allowing people who worked with JK to post content either”

“Adding their name in his credits but couldn’t even share the mv link nor did the bare minimum for dreamers, like what kind of company is this? Benefiting from jungkook success and popularity for years but never gave him 1% of what he deserves BASTA”

Jungkook works so hard but why aren’t you giving him the same promo as other members? Can’t even tweet the link for his MV? Why can you upload articles, Bangtan Bomb, photos, challenge for JK like the others?”

Jungkook recently made fans proud as he earned “The Collaboration of 2022” award at People’s Choice Awards, becoming the first K-Pop soloist to win a PCA.


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