BigBang’s G-Dragon & BLACKPINK’s Jennie Ranked As The Most Influential Korean Celebrities in The Chinese Fashion Scene

If you are a fan of K-pop and fashion, you might be familiar with the names G-Dragon and Jennie. They are not only talented musicians but also trendsetters who have influenced millions of fans with their unique styles. But did you know that they are also among the most influential celebrities in the Chinese fashion scene?

According to CBNData, a commercial data aggregator in China, Jennie is listed at #9 and G-Dragon is listed #6 on The Most Influential Celebrities in the Chinese Fashion Scene. CBNData’s ranking is based on the impact on the consumer market across China’s largest internet platforms, such as Alibaba, Weibo, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu.

Both Jennie and G-Dragon have emerged from YG Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company that is known for its edgy and hip-hop influenced music and fashion.

G-Dragon has launched his own fashion line PEACEMINUSONE which has expanded his influence in the global fashion industry.

Jennie, who debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016, has been dubbed as the “Human Chanel” for her frequent appearances in Chanel events and campaigns. She is also known for her versatile style, ranging from chic and elegant to cute and casual. She often mixes high-end brands with affordable ones, creating a “high-low” fashion that appeals to many young consumers.

G-Dragon, who debuted as a member of BigBang in 2006, has been regarded as a fashion icon for more than a decade. He is famous for his bold and creative outfits, often incorporating elements from different cultures and genres. He has also been praised for his gender-fluid style, breaking the stereotypes of masculinity and femininity. He has inspired many other celebrities and fans to experiment with their own fashion expressions.

Both Jennie and G-Dragon have a huge fan base in China, where K-pop and Korean culture are very popular. They have millions of followers on social media platforms, where they share their daily lives and fashion choices. They also have fan clubs that support their activities and projects. Their influence on the Chinese fashion scene is undeniable, as they have sparked many trends and discussions among netizens.


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