Big Brother 23: Why Janelle Pierzina Is A Fan Of Alyssa Lopez Now

Janelle Pierzina has revealed that she is a huge fan of Big Brother 23 star Alyssa Lopez. Many houseguests from before have tuned into the newer seasons as they share their opinion on social media. One such former player is Janelle.

She has become a fan of houseguest Alyssa from BB23. The former player was one of the greatest Big Brother competitors before among fans. She first entered BB6 back in 2005 and returned for the next season and later for BB14. The former player had also competed on the All-Stars season last summer.

Janelle never won the show but she has come close to winning twice. She had come in third place in the first two seasons and had a shot at winning them if she went all the way. Janelle has given her input throughout the 23rd season of Big Brother. But she has found a new favourite as it is nearing the final weeks.

A short video from BB23 was circulating on social media where Xavier Prather was talking about giving Sarah beth a sympathy vote with Alyssa. However, Alyssa shot down his idea and said he cannot “have his cake and eat it too”. Christian Birkenberger shared the clip and called Alyssa a savage and then Janelle shared the clip.

She tweeted, “ALYSSA EATING UP X SHE’S A GOOD WOMAN GUYS… #BB23.” The former player then shared the video as she added that she became an Alyssa fan just like that. Many of the fans also agreed with Janelle and praised Alyssa for this direct conversation. Some of the fans also believe if she was on another season, she would have the potential of becoming a fan favourite.

However, this season, she has been overlooked because of some bigger personalities in the house. As per one of Janelle’s tweets, she is supporting Tiffany Mitchell or Hannah Chaddha to win the season. This is because she did not mention her again in Big Brother discussions after claiming to be her fan.


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