Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair Reveals How The Idea Of Upcoming Reality Show Came 

Bianca Belair, who also held the “WWE Raw” and “WWE SmackDown” Women’s World Championships and won the women’s Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber matches, was the WrestleMania main event for women. What’s next on her list of achievements? acting in a reality series about her and her husband, another WWE talent Montez Ford, and their lives.

The series is now being filmed, as Belair revealed during a recent interview on “Out of Character,” and she also talked about how the idea for it all came about. The process of even talking about it has taken nearly two years, according to Belair. We created a sizzle reel showing how they originally became interested in it two years ago.

Belair admitted that she wasn’t initially sold on the concept, but after they shot the test clip, the show was picked up for a full season. The pair was originally wary of disclosing too much about their private lives to the public because, according to Belair, their family already does so, but they eventually warmed up to the concept. Belair continued, “I’m nervous but also excited.”I never imagined that I would be someone who participated in a reality show.

The women’s Royal Rumble match

Nonetheless, I’m eager for people to observe how we behave away from the ring.” Belair teased what viewers should anticipate from the next series, saying it would feature a mixture of behind-the-scenes video from WWE events as well as brief looks into the stars’ personal lives without disclosing too much. The series began taping last month during the Royal Rumble, but it is presently unclear how long it will remain, according to the “Raw” Women’s Champion.

The first season of Belair and Ford’s reality show will include eight episodes and stream on Hulu. There is a history between Belair and Ripley in terms of TV narrative. Belair defeated Ripley in the women’s Rumble match of 2021. She then defeated Sasha Banks to win the “SmackDown” Women’s Championship on WrestleMania 37’s opening night. Belair said that she’s not exactly rooting for anyone to lose in the women’s Royal Rumble match, despite her desire to fight Ripley. 


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