Bianca Belair Defends Her Title Thrice In Front Of Her Home Crowd

A few weeks ago, Sonya Deville had managed to get herself a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship by manipulating Bianca Belair to sign an open contract and then adding herself to that same contract. This match happened on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw.

Abuse of Power

A few weeks ago, Sonya Deville, who had recently taken up a position as a WWE official, after a lot of prodding and taunting, manipulated Bianca Bellair into signing an open contract for the RAW women’s championship in a fit of ego. The contract meant that Belair would have to defend her title against an opponent of Sonya Deville’s choosing. Deville then blatantly used her power as a WWE official to name herself the challenger. A lot of drama and fan backlash ensued, with the title match being staged at Knoxville, Tennessee. Deville chose Tennessee because Belair is from Tenessee and she wanted to humiliate the EST in front of her home crowd.

Another such instance came at the beginning of the match itself. Belair had managed to throw Deville into and over the commentator’s table, and before Deville could recover, she had been counted out by the referee. But before the announcer could declare Belair the winner, Deville grabbed his mic and declared that Belair’s victory was defunct because there was water all over the floor, which no one else could see because her body wiped it up claimed Deville, and that the match had to be restarted. Everybody could see that there was no water, and that it was a made up excuse by Sonya Deville. But being a WWE official, she had the authority to have the match restarted. No count outs this time, she declared.

Fight before the match

A frustrated Belair wasted no time in launching herself at Deville. The two women had a tussle. The Deville grabbed onto Belair’s distinctive long braid. Belair however used that to her advantage, using her braid to throw Deville into the cameraman’s enclosure. Deville emerged from that enclosure with a steel chair and hit Belair right on her back. This move disqualified her, and Belair, albeit writhing in pain, retained her championship.

But wait a minute. Deville took the announcers mic again, and after another cock and bull excuse about Belair was the first one to use a foreign object, her hair, and that gave her the right to use a foreign object herself, made the contest into a no disqualification match. That however, was not where the misuse of power ended. Just as the match was declared No disqualifications, Carmella and Queen Zelina made their way out into the ring to assist Deville in an onslaught against Belair.

The real match begins

At this point the match had all but turned into a farce, but the only thing preventing it from turning completely farcical was Bianca Belair herself. Even with three opponents to face, one of whom could change the rules of the match at will, Belair wasn’t taking things lying down. She had enough fight in her for all three of her opponents, and this kept the uneven contest from devolving into futility.

While Carmella held her in position, Sonya Deville attempted to hurl herself at Belair off the ropes, but Belair held her foot up at the right moment countering that attack. Then she escaped from Carmella’s clutches and incapacitated both her and Queen Zelina briefly, before pummeling Sonya Deville with her fists. However she was again subdued by the combined efforts of the three opponents she had to face at once.

After Deville’s DDT onto a chair, it looked as if Belair had lost. But then in a valorant show of spirit, she kicked out before the referee could count three and went on to script a remarkable comeback. Then she scooped up Deville and executed her signature KOD with precision. Deville wasn’t able to fight back against the cover pin and Belair won as the referee counted three. Belair provided evidence that she is made of stronger stuff while facing insurmountable odds. It will be interesting to see how Sonya Deville reacts to this utter humiliation

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