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Bhumi Pednekar says she never wants to date an actor, here’s why

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar says that she never wants to date any actor from the film industry and has a valid reason for it!

Actress Bhumi Pednekar has always won hearts with her acting skills. Her choice of films and her role portrayal has always been out of the box. As good as an actress she is, however, she doesn’t want to date an actor.

While talking to Pinkvilla, Bhumi said, “I feel if I date another actor, I don’t think we will ever meet each other because your lives are so busy. It is impossible. If I date someone who is not from the industry, I feel the chances of having a healthier relationship are a lot higher.”


She added on saying, “Also, I feel that I don’t want to date an actor. Because that would probably limit my life. I can’t just be discussing films. I don’t think I would want to date an actor.”

Talking about being Single, she even said that if her sister Samiksha has it her way, she will be single all her life. To which her sister added that she feels that Bhumi is on a high pedestal. And it is very hard for her to even say yes to any guy, who doesn’t match her. “I tell her why do you want to settle? No one should ever settle,” said Samiksha.


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