Beyoncé’s BeyHive Targets Monica Lewinski For Lyric Removal Request

The BeyHive, Beyoncé’s devoted followers, appear to have their eyes set squarely on Monica Lewinsky.

The former intern for the White House advised the famous singer take out a line from her song “Partition” from 2013, in which she refers to Monica Lewinsky’s relationship with Bill Clinton. After hearing that Beyoncé will be eliminating the word “spaz” from her Renaissance track “Heated,” Lewinsky got the idea.

Evidently, the word offended a lot of individuals because they considered it to be “ableist.” While we’re about it, Lewinsky reshared a piece from Variety with the remark, “Uhmm.” #Partition.”

 “Partition” included the lyrics: “We ain’t even gonna make it to this club/ Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged/… He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown.

The scandalous relationship between Lewinsky and Clinton between 1995 and 1997 is alluded to in the song. She claimed she had a total of nine s** acts with the married politician, one of which involved his peeing on her navy blue clothing. At a White House press conference, Clinton famously said: “I did not have s**ual relations with that woman.”

In a 2014 essay for Vanity Fair, Lewinsky erroneously stated that Beyoncé’s song should have read, “He Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,” which is the exact translation.

Beyoncé, a 40-year-old singer, has come under fire since since Renaissance was released on July 29. Rapper Kelis was displeased that she and her band borrowed her 2003 hit “Milkshake” for the song “Energy” in addition to editing “Heated.”

Beyoncé eventually wiped the “la la la la la” line from the song after airing her complaints on social media, and the edited version is what is currently available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and other streaming services.

Beyoncé’s Fans On Twitter

The BeyHive is still incensed about Lewinsky’s request, despite Beyoncé’s apparent readiness to appease her detractors; see some of the replies below.

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