Better Call Saul Writer Accidentally Reveals A Secret Marvel Show She's Working On

Better Call Saul Writer Accidentally Reveals A Secret Marvel Show She’s Working On

Marion Dayre is the writer for the hit show Better Call Saul and has revealed accidentally, to be precise, that she is working on an unannounced Marvel Studios show. This comes after Marvel has been releasing and announcing back-to-back new content for this year.

But seems like Marvel has a lot on their sleeves other than those projects as well. It’s clear that there are still shows to be released which we are unaware of. Marvel had started their journey on releasing shows on Disney+ in early 2021. All the shows which have already been released have been superhits like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki.

Fans have been looking forward to every project with excitement and they are awaiting what’s in store for them. But this also leads to the wonderment of what all shows could Marvel be keeping a secret. Do you have a particular show in mind which could be coming out as a secret Marvel project?

This show Marion accidentally revealed has been added to the list of potential projects from Marvel Studios. Even if we don’t know what’s coming up, we can be excited that we have more than enough to look forward to. As per Murphy’s Multiverse, the writer’s announcement came in two locations.

One was from her Instagram where she listed herself as showrunner for TBA and tagged Marvel. Another was from San Franciso State University saying she is the head writer for an unannounced show. Now from this, it is pretty clear that she will be working with Marvel Studios for a new television show.

If the show will be premiered on Disney+ or elsewhere is yet to be announced but it most likely will be a connection to the wider MCU. Marion has also proved herself to be an epic writer for other shows like The Goldbergs and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Naturally, there are rumours circulating about the various projects under Marvel Studios which are in development; however, there has been no confirmation besides the shows that have already been announced.

There have been no further details on what the show will be; but there will surely be some information we get in the near future. This news could have come from another outlet or from Marvel Studios themselves. Until we know about the show; fans can speculate and wonder what will be the next show that will be coming on Disney+. Comment below your theory about this secret Marvel project.

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