Bentley Is The Second Automobile Company To Enter The NFT Space

Bentley is following other automakers in foraying into the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they are more often known. Bently announced that their future NFT project would only include 208 components.

The British manufacturing firm is introducing its own NFT line with the aid of Polygon, one of the most effective Ethereum scaling platforms.

The business pledged to support students majoring in engineering, design, and manufacturing with the money raised from NFT sales.

“Bentley customers are living their lives online, purchasing luxury goods with digital currency, and establishing businesses in the Metaverse,” said Alain Favey, Board member for sales and marketing.

“We’ve always engaged our customers where they explore their passions, and today that means being present in digital marketplaces and offering NFT assets. We’ve seen how NFTs have raised the profiles of both art and artist, and we believe the same can happen in the luxury automotive space.”

Because proof of stake blockchain Polygon is seen as sustainable, the vehicle brand uses it, and the proceeds of the NFT drop will assist engineering and design students as well as sustainability projects.

It claims that this is its initial foray into Web3. It has ambitions to include blockchain technology in its operations as well as online games, metaverse applications, and non-fungible chips (NFCs) that connect the car to an NFT.

The company hopes to accomplish this goal by investing in sustainable transportation and making the process environmentally friendly. The company also has plans to improve this world by making it cleaner.

Bentley decided to drop its NFTs on Polygon because it was, in Bentley’s estimation, essentially a carbon-neutral network.

The goal of achieving end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030 is now being actively pursued by Bentley in partnership with Polygon.


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