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Bella Hadid Gives the Middle Finger to Police Officers Who Aren’t Wearing Masks

Bella Hadid is out here doing the good work and making people do it too. Be it anyone, yeah even police officers. Earlier during the week, the model posted pictures of herself in front of the New York City Police Department. She was doing the needful and wearing a mask unlike the police officers behind her.

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The model captioned the picture saying that they look goofy but they should wear masks. She posted another picture showing the officers a middle finger telling them to wear masks again. The model tagged the NYPD and explained that masks are not just for their safety but of everybody else’s as well.

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New York has the rule of wearing masks while leaving your house. It also requires people to maintain social distancing of at least six feet from each other.

Recently, Bella Hadid has urged for more diversity backstage at fashion shows. The model noted that while there are black models present to walk on the runway, but backstage they lack the same diversity. People working behind the scenes don’t understand how to work with all skin types.

Bella said going into the next season, the last thing she wants to see is one of her black friends getting their hair burned with a hair straightener. She gives another instance like her black friends have to do their own makeup because their makeup artist is trained to work on different types of skin.

Bella Stands Up For Diversity in Fashion Industry

In an interview with Elle, Bella revealed still many of her black friends feel unaccepted. Even after being hired for their ‘individuality’. She continued: ‘I hate that some of my Black friends feel the way they do. Even if they’re sitting front row, they’re not feeling accepted.’

The model continued that the fashion industry is supposed o be about expression and individuality. But the reality differs because many people feel discriminated against because of those differences. Bella is making an effort to call the younger generation to stand up for inequality. She is making the use of her platform to connect to people all around the world.

Bella added: ‘I have so much responsibility to use my platform for good, especially as I get older. I want young girls and boys to know that it is okay to use your voice and demand justice for what is important to you.’ She further said that she wants them to know it’s okay to be empathetic and gentle. But she urges to be strong and speak the truth at the same time.

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Bella Uses Her Platform For the Good

The model said she feels the responsibility to speak out for the people who are not being heard or don’t have a platform. She explained that one post can educate a lot of people. And she says it also resonates with people telling them they are not alone. Bella assured she will keep talking about things that she is passionate about.

Meanwhile, Bella has reflected on modeling after the coronavirus crisis and is ‘eager’ to start shooting again. She expressed her expectations when returning for the next season. The model hopes that they will be able to find a proactive way to move forward in a safe, healthy way. She thinks that the sets will be smaller and more intimate.

Hadid joined Ashley Graham and Yara Shahidi to give a look at their lives in quarantine as part of Elle’s first-ever digital issue. For the August issue, Bella poses at her mother’s Pennsylvania while sister Gigi Hadid clicks her pictures.

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In one of the snaps, Bella brings the runway onto the farm as she splashes in a pond. She is wearing an edgy camouflage-print jacket, matching bra top and hot pants. Elle’s first-ever digital issue focuses on friends, family, and community in light of the pandemic. 

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