Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch Facts Only True Fans Are Aware Of 

Becky Lynch has clawed and scratched her way to the top of WWE. Lynch rose through the WWE ranks from humble beginnings to be one of the most successful female superstars of all time. Lynch was strong enough to force her way higher and higher up the card by harnessing the support of WWE fans through the creation of The Man character. Becky Lynch had also won multiple Women’s Championship reigns, a Royal Rumble win, and a victory in the Wrestlemania main event on her way to the top.

Lynch was instrumental in establishing women’s wrestling as equal to men’s wrestling in WWE, and she has amassed a sizable fan base along the way. She is now regarded to be one of WWE’s major talents, male or female, as well as her fan base has grown with each amazing performance. Becky Lynch does have an incredible story about how she rose to the top, those are a few facts that newer fans may be unaware of.

Finn Balor taught Becky Lynch how to wrestle

Becky Lynch discussed her entry into the wrestling industry in an interview. Lynch stated that she used to enjoy watching wrestling with her brother as a child, and when she decided she wanted to try it for herself, it just so happened that the only wrestling school in Ireland was possessed by one Finn Balor. Lynch stated that if you wished to be a wrestler, you would need to travel to England or America to train. I only had the opportunity to learn at Finn Balor’s school.

We wrestled for 3 months in this tiny little hall at Saint Andrew’s National School on just six blue mats on the floor. We’d go down there each Sunday and learn on the mats that way. We’d travel to England for these summer camps in which you’d train in a gym for eight or nine hours a day. 

Becky Lynch credits wrestling with helping her quit drinking

Becky Lynch admitted early in her life that she was on a downward spiral. Lynch admitted to drinking, using drugs, and hanging out with the wrong crowd in her youth. There have been numerous wrestlers who have fallen to the ground similar dark paths, but Becky Lynch credits wrestling as the reason she was able to get off that path and rebuild her life. 

Becky Lynch stated in an interview back in 2005, “Wrestling didn’t change me… it SAVED my life!” I’m telling you, I began really young, and yet I was already on a dark path… But even then I began wrestling, and all changed. I began working out, consuming a nutritious diet, and doing everything I thought would help me… Lord, I do not even know that I’d be if I hadn’t started wrestling, and to be honest, I would not want to know. 

Becky Lynch quit fighting in 2006 and suffered from depression

Becky Lynch started wrestling in 2002 and competed on the independent circuit until 2006. Lynch decided to retire from wrestling after suffering a severe concussion at an independent event in September 2006. Becky explained, “I quit wrestling in 2006 because I got lost.” My mom didn’t want me to wrestle, I was wondering if I was going to make it in wrestling, I was 19, I was far from home, living in Florida, and I just got lost. I really can not face it, so I took a step back. It felt like death to me, and I’m not exaggerating.

For years, I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. I had been gone for seven years. I used to keep journals, and it’s strange to go back and read them because it appeared that I had unresolved issues and often felt its something I was meant to do, but I couldn’t figure out how to get back in. So I just tried to do something that will fill the void.

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