'Be Good Like Jimin' Trends As BTS ARMY Celebrates Idol's Positive Influence

‘Be Good Like Jimin’ Trends As BTS ARMY Celebrates Idol’s Positive Influence

It is no surprise that BTS has proven to be a record-breaking K-Pop group that has completely changed the face of the music industry. They have given several powerful performances and productions. The K-Pop group has gained millions of fans as their fame rises day after day.

They are few of the people who use their power of influence for the good. Not just with their music but also in their other activities, BTS members always step forward to create awareness about important issues.

Jimin is one of the seven members, who has been gaining attention because of his kindness and good deeds. This might be no surprise to the ARMY that the idol has been showered with love because of this trait. Jimin has provided donations to various charities as well as done something as simple as respecting staff members.

Fans have taken it upon themselves to celebrate Jimin as a good human being. They began celebrating his acts of kindness by trending the hashtag #BeGoodLikeJimin. ARMY has shared various instances of Jimin’s kindness.

Jimin is said to be the epitome of kindness and healing as per fans, especially when someone is having a tough time. ARMY has noticed many times how the idol keeps it real and is supportive and uplifting.

He has even earned a sweet name from fans because of his kindness. Fans call him “the healing idol” and adore him for his many good traits. ARMY began sharing stories about Jimin and how he inspires them to be better human beings. They celebrated his immense kindness and showed how pure-hearted the idol is.

Jimin Helped Various Individuals Overcome Mental Health Issues

Not just fans, but also the international press has taken note of his personality. In November 2021, Jimin was credited for his positive impact on society by the Inter Press Service (IPS) News.

In the article posted by IPS News, a teenager revealed how she and her friends sought therapy after hearing Jimin’s message during the #BTSLoveMyself campaign by UNICEF. As per the girl, his words gave her comfort and hope.

Jimin’s kind words have helped various people overcome their mental health issues. This is applicable especially during the COVID peak. Even other members of BTS have thanked the idol for his kind words on various occasions.


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