Batgirl Movie Cancelation Prompts Hilarious #HBOMaxJustCanceled Memes

Batgirl Movie Cancelation Prompts Hilarious #HBOMaxJustCanceled Memes

The recent cancelation of the DC superhero movie, Batgirl; being shelved by Warner Bros. Discovery, after nearly finishing it; has only made fans confused and upset. However, we also get to have fun with this as hilarious memes surface on the internet.

The $90 million production, which featured Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordan aka Batgirl will not be released anywhere. As per Variety, Warner Bros. Discovery decided that the tax write-off for Batgirl made more sense financially than commercially.

The chief of WBD, David Zaslav commented that they will not be launching a movie to make a quarter and also not put out something they don’t believe in. This was his response to a question raised about the cancelation of Batgirl.

The move is for cost-cutting which was created by Discovery’s acquisition WarnerMedia. They are looking to rein in content expenses that include HBO Max removing various Warner Bros. movies. The streaming service has already killed the DC series Strange Adventures by Greg Berlanti.

They have also cut out a Wonder Twins live-action movie. Irrespective of the chaos it has caused fans, social media users are having a good time with the controversy. The hashtag #HBOMaxJustCanceled began trending on Thursday giving rise to hilarious memes.

Now fans are imagining various other spinoffs, sequels, etc being canceled at WBD. Here are some of the funniest ones:


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