Bart Baker Makes A Comeback On YouTube After Three Long Years

2021 is insane! Now YouTuber Bart Baker is back in the game! What else remains to be seen?

The famous comic YouTuber who used to post parody videos on his channel disappeared from the platform for three long years! Bart Baker did not tell anyone why he stopped uploading on YouTube!

“Sorry I just disappeared like that, but YouTube drove me nuts,” he said in his comeback video.

Where Was He?

But now that Bart Baker is back, we have got all our answers. In the first YouTube video titled ‘WTF Happened To Me, Why I Disappeared,’ he revealed what he was up to all these years and where was he living.

Bart was in China! Yes, you heard it right. And what was he doing there? Well, Bart switched to making singing videos on the Chinese version of TikTok app called ‘Douyin’.

He said ““I gained 10 million followers within a month and it turned into this whole thing. I have about 25 million followers now. It’s been an amazing experience.”

“I’ve been doing concerts. I’ve been going on the biggest television shows and uploading videos constantly.”

Why A Comeback On YouTube?

If Bart Baker has achieved so much success, why is he coming back on YouTube? We guess he started missing his subscribers when he saw their numbers drop below 10 Million.

“I noticed that I dropped below 10 million subscribers because I hadn’t uploaded in three years. I wanted to connect with you guys again. It’s been so long. I’m planning on uploading again soon. I’ve had fun [but] now I want to start uploading here again.”

Baker will be occasionally posting parody videos like he used to on his YouTube channel. Apart from all of this, the Internet personality revealed that he has also picked up interest in cryptocurrencies and would like to bring them into his content.

Are you excited about Bart Baker’s comeback? Tell us in the comments below.

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