Balenciaga To Unveil Its New Collection In An Original Video Game

Balenciaga’s fashion house will unveil its fall / winter 2021 collection for the first time in a video game.

Afterworld- The Game

Balenciaga is taking a very unconventional approach to its fall/winter 2021 collection. The video game will be called “Afterworld” and will be released on December 6. Afterworld is an ‘allegorical adventure’ set in the year 2031The game will be set in the year 2031.

The company said the players will pass through a virtual setting and area, complete tasks and will meet characters wearing the new label designs.

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, which begins on December 6, will be played in web browsers.

The trailer of the game is very well welcomed by gaming fans and the Balenciaga customers as well. It’s exciting to all the stakeholders. Have a watch at the trailer of Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

How Did Competitors Launch New Collections?

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a turn for the better in the fashion world.

Burberry unveiled her latest collection in September via Twitch, and Gucci asked artist Harry Styles to help show off his latest collection line in a small seven-episode series.

In April, the 100-item clothing brand made its entire collection of streetwear available to Nintendo switchch Animal Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

And last month Balenciaga launched its summer collection in 2021 on YouTube.

The world of video games and fashion have been particularly frequent collaborators recently. League of Legends developer Riot Games announced last year that Louis Vuitton would be designing new in-game and real-world items themed around the game. Other high profile collaborations have included Travis Scott’s incredibly limited-edition PlayStation sneakers, and fashion brand Acronym actually made a jacket inspired by Death Stranding and sold it for $1,785. There have also been more accessible fashion collaborations thanks to Animal Crossing, where 100 Thieves released virtual versions of its clothing earlier this year.

Amazon has moved to attract trusted fashion buyers to its markets following a change in consumer trends this year, although a survey of 2,000 UK consumers earlier this month found that only 32% would be interested in buying fashion through its Luxury Stores online shop, according to website Just Style.

Innovative Digital Methods

Marketing manager Anthony Blakemore said online fatigue due to the epidemic has forced brands to create new ways to entertain consumers.

“We see brands spreading new ways to showcase and market their products across the digital world,” he told the BBC.

“The redesign of Balenciaga’s new collection is a great example of how digital marketing techniques can be used not only to sell clothes, but also to create immersive and exciting digital knowledge.”

Michael Branney, general manager at clothing retailer Oh Polly, has warned that brands should be prepared to keep up with this new level of innovation.

“Once the Covid-19 epidemic is over, customers will still be expecting the same level of communication from brands using their 2020 year,” he told the BBC.

“Customers now engage in longer content sections, such as YouTube video, rather than a quick snapshot on Instagram. Maybe a video game, or interactive content, is the next logical next step for brands.”


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