Bagatelle is Bringing their French Mediterranean Style to the Mykonos Coast Just in Time for
the City’s Summer Allure

The making of a restaurant requires diligence and care, as there are many factors that go into its curation. This process requires attention to the details of the food and the overall ambiance. In doing so, the restaurant has to be developed in accordance to their target audiences, as well as the culture in which that cuisine and environment represents. This is because food becomes a culture act, in which it relates to one’s identity in a deeper sense, especially that of a country. In turn, it has the power to connect people from all different backgrounds, giving people an experience that extends further than their usual local environment.

However, when wanting to be immersed into the cuisine and experience of a different culture, it is important to find restaurants that take pride in doing it well. For instance, the French cuisine has a rich history based in formal techniques, highlighting fresh ingredients and simple flavors, as well as the beauty of presentation. Finding a restaurant that can execute this style in an eloquent manner can make all the difference in your impressions.

French entrepreneurs, Rémi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, created Bagatelle with a mission to highlight the French style cuisine, while also bringing to light the French Mediterranean lifestyle. Prior to Bagatelle’s beginning in the early 2000s in New York City, they noticed how many French restaurants had more of a refined and quiet atmosphere, neglecting the vibrant style found along the French coast, such as in St.Tropez. They felt that they need to work with their staff and their chefs to highlight a different side of French culture that is not portrayed as often.

Since the beginning of their vision, Bagatelle has grown to reach audiences around the world, currently at 15 different locations and growing. Under the head of Chef Rocco Seminara, the chefs at each restaurant are meant to follow the overall French philosophy of utilizing natural, organic ingredients to create distinct flavors that flow together. However, appreciating the variation that comes with having locations around the world, the chefs are also meant to incorporate the details of local produce and customs as well, reflecting that in their dinner, brunch, and drink menus. For instance, the infamous Bagatelle St. Tropez led by Chef Bilal Amrani works with local ingredients to curate the favorite eggplant parmesan and French-raised beef carpaccio. While in Bagatelle London, Chef François-Laurent Apchié satisfies the local favorites of Lobster Fettuccine, Stuffed Spunta Potato, and the Bagatelle dessert pizza.

These details of the Bagatelle cuisine are only one aspect of their restaurant experience. The other half is the exciting ambiance they wish to reflect, embracing the extravagance of social connection and gathering. The staff at Bagatelle do so with an uplifting and energetic attitude, which comes as an ode to the ‘Joie de Vivre’ philosophy of the French coastal towns, embracing the little and big joys of life.

As Bagatelle continues to gather an international clientele, their recent expansions will only further their reach and influence. One of their most recent endeavors is the opening of Bagatelle Mykonos, which will sit along the infamous Grecian coast. Bagatelle is ready to channel their luxurious French perspective into this newest location, especially just in time for the summer excitement, and the allure of hot weather and refreshing waters.

With other new locations including Bodrum and Miami, Bagatelle is excited for what’s to come. To further explore their locations and menus, visit their website.

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