Bag and Bones are the Brand to Watch in 2020

There’s more to Bag and Bones then just light fixtures that make your living room look good. While there is no denying that the brand has a great selection of products on offer for us to install in our homes for a unique piece of art, there are also several other things that make Bag and Bones a much lusted after company.

They’re socially minded

Gigi and Cavanagh Foyle are incredibly socially minded. This means that they work with a number of different charities that receive the profits from the sale of many of their products. For example, their collaboration with Zoella produced two products – one of which saw the proceeds go to Mind, the other of which saw the proceeds go to CoppaFeel. They also work closely with the Peter Jones foundation and the proceeds of the sales from their star product goes to this charity as well. Finally, their Be Kind slogan art fitting supports the work of the People United organization that seeks to improve the amount of kindness and compassion between people and communities.

Their products are sustainable

Thanks to using LED neon light tubing as opposed to glass bulbs, the art works produced by the team at Bag and Bones are not only much safer to install, but they’re environmentally friendly too. The team are proud that their products run on up to 90% less energy than usual light fixtures. Plus they’re priced at a range that doesn’t promote materialistic buying. Their pieces are an investment and not a piece of throwaway fashion or trend. In fact, one of their latest pieces – of a planet – sees that every time it is bought by a customer, the company plants a tree on their behalf.

It promotes women

Thanks to being run by two astute women, Bag and Bones is a great example of what happens when women support women. They were recently recognized by Facebook and asked to join the social media giant at their London headquarters on International Women’s Day for their #she means business event which supported other female led businesses. Plus the company’s product mix is unashamedly girly at times with the inclusion of images of stilettos, lips and a number of their slogan pieces. It goes to show that women don’t have to succeed by hiding their femininity.

Top Quality

Bag and Bones make pieces that last the test of time. While a great deal of their pieces look like they are lighthearted and humorous, that has not stopped the makers from ensuring that each and every piece is well made. The LED neon tubing comes in a variety of colors which, if needed, customers can request a dimmer switch for given that Neon LED lighting is naturally very bright. Each fixture is attached to a strong piece of perspex, or similar, to make sure that customers can install their works of art easily, as soon as they are delivered. Electricians are not needed and customers can expect a lifetime or joy out of their latest purchase.