Backstage Update On MJF's AEW Anger, MJF Is Supposedly Considering Leaving The Company

Backstage Update On MJF’s AEW Anger, MJF Is Supposedly Considering Leaving The Company

MJF is reportedly still dissatisfied with his AEW contract situation and is considering not resigning with the company. As previously stated, AEW President, CEO, General Manager, and Head of Creative Tony Khan had a heated discussion with MJF in late March, but then had a far sleeker follow-up discussion.

Khan was at first irritated by MJF’s discussion with Ariel Helwani, during which he mentioned WWE interest, his AEW agreement status, and other topics. Khan was apparently worried about the justification of AEW talent interviewing people without first consulting with the AEW PR team, which has been the common procedure since 2019. While Khan was the source of the problem, MJF was said to be frustrated even before the interview because of his contract.

It was pointed out that MJF’s hints about possibly joining WWE after his AEW deal ends are out of character, and it’s a subject he’s already considered.

At least some progress has been made on MJF’s AEW coming years, with a potential contract extension being talked. Many folks within AEW, nevertheless, do not believe MJF and Khan are as close as they had been before the observed conversation.

MJF is now leaning toward leaving AEW

According to sources, MJF is now leaning toward leaving AEW when his contract expires. The agreement is not scheduled to end until 2024, so much can happen between then and now. Contract negotiations have also been mentioned to MJF, but it’s unclear whether this is a re-negotiation of his existing agreement or an extension. Having said that, the report mentions that MJF is not certain about leaving AEW.

MJF’s contract with AEW will expire on January 1, 2024, and he has stated that he will wrestle where the money is. Multiple sources have told that WWE is interested in signing the young star and would do so as soon as they are able.

According to AEW sources, Khan and MJF have established a strong relationship since the launch of AEW and have become good friends. While the heated debate was affirmed by various sources, there was no fight among Khan and MJF.

Wardlow will face MJF at AEW Double Or Nothing on May 29 in Las Vegas. Wardlow will be released from his contract with MJF if he wins, but if he ends up losing, he will be unable to sign any agreements with AEW.

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