Backstage Information Regarding Riddle’s WWE Return 

Riddle is anticipated to return to the ring this weekend at two WWE live events. Riddle will face Seth Rollins at the Saturday Night’s Final Match show in North Charleston, SC, followed by the Sunday Stunner tournament in Fayetteville, NC, according to an source. Even though the matches had previously been publicised locally, Riddle’s availability was uncertain due to the plotline injury he sustained on the 7/25 WWE Raw show.

The Original Bro has been away as of Rollins’ brutal attack last month, which forced their SummerSlam fight to be rescheduled. Whereas WWE has still yet to give a date for the fight, it is prevalently expected to take place on September 3 at the Clash at the Castle premium live event. Amidst being sidelined by an injury, Riddle has made a appearance on WWE TV, calling out Rollins with a taped-up shoulder and neck at SummerSlam.

His arrogance, however, would backfire as he was the recipient of yet one other Stomp from Rollins. Rollins mocked Riddle earlier this week on WWE Raw for crossing the razor-thin line among brave and moronic too many times. Riddle is expected to be back to action this weekend, most probably on the 8/8 WWE Raw in Cleveland, OH.

Riddle and Rollins

The rivalry between Riddle and Rollins could last for several months. Riddle vs. Rollins is the marketed main event for the 10/8 WWE Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, as per local listings. Nevertheless, the fight could be a dark main event, with two wrestlers moving onto more feuds/opponents on the broadcast live shows. The rivalry also contains an element of real-life animosity, which Rollins alluded to in a tweet last month.

WWE has held a few massive SummerSlam events in the past, including the 1992 SummerSlam in England’s Wembley Stadium and last year’s SummerSlam in Las Vegas, Nevada’s newly built Allegiant Stadium. However, despite their importance, those example proves to pale in contrast to the achievement of this year’s event in Nashville, Tennessee. 

WWE revealed this morning in a press release sent by new WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon that this past weekend’s SummerSlam has been the most watched SummerSlam in the 35 years the promotion has run the summer extravaganza. Though no figures were provided for the number of people who watched the PLE on Peacock, the event was attended by 48,449 people in Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.