Backstage Information On Moose's Negotiations With WWE And Choice To Re-Sign With Impact

Backstage Information On Moose’s Negotiations With WWE And Choice To Re-Sign With Impact

Moose, an Impact Wrestling celebrity, apparently had preliminary discussions with WWE about an agreement that chosen to take him straight to the main roster. Moose signed new 2 contract with Impact Wrestling in the summer of 2021, despite considerable interest from WWE and rumoured attention from AEW.

Impact authorities sought to re Moose when he became a free agent at the time, but he obtained feelers from WWE authorities who are no longer employed. Moose also confirmed to Fightful Select in a new interview that he had made the decision to leave Impact for WWE, till the Impact Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore contacted him with such a winning bid, which convinced him to stay.

Moreover, the WWE feelers reportedly resulted in preliminary talks, but there were pitches for him just to go directly to the main roster, but it still needed to be approved by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

Impact authorities then approached him with a substantial offer that was a significant improvement over his previous contract, but their offer needed a quick reaction in order to be signed.

Moose’ future

Moose then chose to remain with Impact. According to WWE sources, there’s no pressure on him to make that choice. This is not the first time WWE wanted to sign Moose, as they decided to bring him on Hard Enough before he left ROH for Impact a few years ago.

Recently departed Senior Vice President of Talent Development Canyon Ceman was one of the WWE officials who put out feelers for Moose. Last spring, he was sent off by the company.

Moose managed to win the Impact World Title for the first time at Bound For Glory in October 2021, cashing in his Call Your Shot contract to defeat Josh Alexander just secs after Christian Cage won it. He decided to carry the strap for 182 days before handing it over to Alexander at the Battle of Rebellion on April 23. Moose then fell well short against Alexander in his matchup for the title last year on Impact.

There’s no statement on what Impact has in store for Moose in the future, but he lately tickled that we’ll find out at Saturday’s Under Siege event.

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