Backstage Information On AEW Stars Honoring John Cena On Raw

Backstage Information On AEW Stars Honoring John Cena On Raw

The AEW wrestlers were not required to film homages to John Cena for WWE, but they chose to do so. According to recent reports, AEW talent made appearances on this prior Monday’s WWE Raw for Cena. As per Meltzer, Bruce Prichard contacted Tony Khan and asked if he’d get footage of Chris Jericho, Paul Wight, Bryan Danielson, as well as Mark Henry praising Cena for 20 years.

Khan stated that he and the rest of the roster had a lot of respect for Cena and that he was fine with it, but the decision was ultimately up to the stars. Megha Parekh, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, reached out to the talent, and all four were delighted to pay their respects. The Raw broadcast included video tributes from Jericho, Wight, and Danielson. Henry thinks his video did not air on Friday morning’s Busted Open Radio because he mentioned AEW and pro wrestling in his clip.

Although it is uncommon, some crossover between WWE and AEW has occurred in the past. Chris Jericho made an unforgettable appearance alongside Steve Austin. On the show, Jericho discussed his decision to leave WWE for AEW. WWE talent has yet to show up on AEW television, but at Impact’s Slammiversary event, WWE superstar AJ Styles disclosed a thank you video for his original home advertisement.

Styles was lauded as a top talent in Impact/TNA history, and he expressed gratitude to the organisation for his time there. Impact also made a big crossover appearance at Royal Rumble, when the then-Knockouts Champion competed in the women’s Royal Rumble match. The Knockouts title was spotlighted on the premiere live event, and James was crowned Knockouts Champion in advance of the match.


 WWE has gone all out for the 16-time WWE Champion, with social media posts, celebratory merchandise, and even an episode of Raw dedicated to him this past Monday. To cap off the festivities, at the end of July, a special legacy championship inspired by the Doctor of Thuganomics will be available on Only 500 of these belts will be made available to the public, so fans will need to act quickly if they want to own a John Cena legacy title.

The belt alone has 16 jewels covering the centre plate to represent Cena’s 16 world title reigns throughout his career. Each side plate is unique, displaying logos from various phases of Cena’s gimmick. The centre plate spins, as any diehard Cena fan could have predicted given that he made polarising spinning championship belts out of the WWE Championship and the United States Championship throughout his reigns. The colours are red, white, and blue throughout, a colour scheme he’s used for merch before and a nod to Cena’s unwavering support for American troops.


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