Avatar 2 Fans Predict Massive Box Office Success

Avatar 2 Fans Predict Massive Box Office Success

Avatar: The Way of the Water is close to its theatrical release globally and fans of the movie are ahead of it predicting the film will be a huge box-office success. Some people are claiming that the movie will be breaking its own world record set by the original movie.

The Unique Selling Point of the movie was how visually beautiful the experience in the theatre turns out to be. A user predicted that the movie will be opening with a massive $500 million. The sequel has been a point of discussion multiple times.

Avatar 2 has had its premieres across the world and is now officially being released in London. The visual beauty of the movie is the major reason for its huge popularity of the movie. Avatar 2 is now ready to release out of the five movies. The new movie is also predicted to be a huge turnover.

It will hardly be a surprise with the improvement of CGI as well as visual effects. James Cameron heavily relies on these factors for making his movies. Here are some of the predictions by fans:

Another such tweet summed up the emotions of Avatar’s box office prediction. It says: “All the box office reporting for Avatar is going to use “soars” in the headline.” But not everybody is into the James Cameron film making headlines. People are, however, sure that the movie will succeed globally.

Fans have been waiting for the sequel to Avatar for quite some time now. After multiple delays, the movie is finally here. James is ready to embark on three more films in the Avatar saga. But the future of those films depends on how well the sequel performs.

Avatar: The Way of the Water will premiere globally on December 16, 2022. Stay tuned for more updates.


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