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The wedding day is the most anticipated event ever for a bride and her loved ones. So much care and man-power are put into planning the tiniest detail, all to ensure it’s the best day of her life. But what about the second-most anticipated event? Well, for the most memorable (for all the right reasons) hen’s nights experience it’s best to leave it to the experts. And for the best hen’s night your bride and her tribe will ever have, then you need Travis & Co.  

Let’s face it, many a bride can be apprehensive at the thought of her bachelorette. As with many hens’ nights, it can be a slippery slope in one of two directions; either there is too much debauchery that it becomes a night you’ll immediately want to forget, or it’s so tame that it becomes, well, boring.  Travis & Co. Events have identified the perfect middle-ground between the two, resulting in a night you’ll definitely want to remember forever.  

Travis & Co. are shaking things up in the world of bachelorettes, putting together high-class cocktail catering events, with just the right amount of cheeky. Tired of working events that lacked that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, Travis set out to redefine the perfect hens experience.  Speaking to friends, attendees and anyone he knew who had ever attended a hen’s, Travis was routinely given the same answer: ‘it was alright, nothing out of the ordinary’. Realising it wasn’t just him that wasn’t satisfied with the industry just being ‘good enough’, Travis and his friends began to brainstorm what would leave guests wanting more. The result? An experience to create memories that last a lifetime, and just as memorable as the wedding to come. 

Offering not only exceptional service, Travis & Co events pride themselves on their ability to create an amazing experience for all with their team of charismatic and conversational guys – more than your typical topless waiter. “We know that it can be intimidating booking guys for an event like this,” the company states, “however we can assure you that our guys are hand chosen to ensure that you and your friends are made to feel safe, comfortable, and even pushed out of your comfort zones if you desire!” 

Travis & Co. Events is built off what they have discovered to be the perfect hen’s night; cocktails, games and topless waiters who are easy on the eyes. By combining these essential ingredients for a fantastic party, Travis and his team are able to create the perfect night whilst tailoring to each person’s needs. Letting you decide the level of ‘spice’ for your night, on offer are a range of affordable premium cocktail packages, to topless waiters, and, should you desire, male entertainment packages. Catering to each major city in Australia, Travis & Co. are able to bring the fun to your chosen location, be it a hotel, home, AirBnB, apartment or party boat. 

Travis and his team have received raving reviews by continuing to ensure clients have the time of their lives and leave them wanting more!

For an unforgettable hen’s night experience, get in contact with Travis & Co. Events, or check out their Instagram!


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