Australia Imposes Inter-State Travel Restrictions Due To Surge In COVID Cases

Australian provinces and territories have begun enforcing a ban on the entry of Sydney residents into the growing coronavirus epidemic in the nation’s largest city.

The closure of borders outside New South Wales (NSW) has disrupted Christmas programs and family reunions for many people.

PM Scott Morrison Speaks

The planes canceled several flights from Sydney Airport on Monday, following a midnight deadline.

The city has recorded 83 cases so far in the outbreak, all linked to the Sydney North West region.

Speaking in Canberra on Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “2020 has not done us any good yet.”

“The events of the past few days … are frustrating and disappointing for people across the country who had plans to come together between the provinces.”

Police checking the border entry requirements of car passengers waiting to cross into Queensland from New South Wales

However he and others have accepted the inclusion of numbers for new cases reported on Monday.

NSW state officials have recorded 15 new infections – half the numbers of the previous day – in a record of 38,000 tests conducted in 24 hours.

COVID Cases In Australia

Many consider the numbers to be an indication that the virus did not spread beyond the northern beaches, which is under local closure.

But authorities have warned that one-day results are not enough to find the practice.


“Obviously we have stopped half the number of cases overnight, but there is an epidemic, there is instability, so we will clearly monitor what is happening,” said NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

He said it was too early to say that the city’s wide barriers would be reduced by Christmas.

The Restrictions

Australia – currently seeing all cases except Sydney – is known for its quick and aggressive response to this year’s outbreak.

An empty Manly Beach closed during the pre-Christmas lockdown period

In Sydney, house parties are limited to ten guests, and all residents are told to limit their entertainment and wear masks in public places. Those living on the northern beaches will remain trapped at least until Wednesday.

On Sunday, Queensland, Victoria, Southern Australia and the Australian Capital Territory announced a ban on Sydney residents entering their province, adding to the ban elsewhere.

Residents of those countries were told to return within 12 hours or face 14 days of detention upon arrival at home.

In anticipation of the orders caused people to leave Sydney over the weekend, with many residents leaving the city before the border was closed.

People line up at Sydney Domestic Airport, as they try to depart for interstate destinations on 20 December 2020

Australia has so far recorded 908 deaths and 28,200 cases in the epidemic – a much lower rate than in many other countries.

The country has taken early decisions to close national borders and authorize the segregation of hotels for tourists returning abroad.

But experts also attribute its success to fast-moving provinces closing down hotspot areas and conducting follow-up procedures and prompt inspections.

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