Austin Theory Trying Every Trick In The Book To Lure John Cena

John Cena, who has found a good footing in Hollywood of late, has been conspicuously absent from WWE for some time now. However, the stage is being set to bring him back to WWE in true John Cena fashion.

Austin Theory looking for a face off

Ever since Austin Theory won the United States Championship, he has been trying to pick a fight with the legendary John Cena. The United States Championship has been a big part of Cena’s illustrious career at WWE. He has won the championship no less than five times, second only to Ric Flair’s six. Austin Theory feels, given Cena’s stature, a good performance in a match against John Cena would cement his place in WWE. And he is going to leave no stone unturned to make this happen.

Trolling a young fan?

After a recent title defense, Austin walked up to a young John Cena fan entirely in John Cena get up, cap, arm bands, three quarter cargo pants and all. He put his title into the fan’s face, saying “See this? This makes me better than John Cena.” The outraged fan screamed no as Theory walked away, pleased with himself. Many people might think of this as petty and mean spirited, but in reality this might be a well thought out tactic.

Will John Cena comeback to defend his fan’s honor?

John Cena’s entire persona is, and has always been, based around honour and nobility. This is what makes him everybody’s favourite. As a result of this, it has often been the case that Cena has been coaxed to take up challenges to stand up to people who violate the principles he stands for. A notable example would be his stint against Rusev, the Russian wrestler, whom he defeated to win, coincidentally, the United States Championship at WrestleMania.

Rusev was undefeated until that point and had defeated Cena once before, so this victory was truly heroic. Their entire rivalry was based around Rusev disrespecting the USA while at the same time holding the United States Championship. Rusev claimed that no American could defeat him and take the title away, and this pointed towards how weak America is. And Cena, being what he is, had to protect the honour of his country no matter what the odds.

In a similar fashion, it can be very realistically expected that John Cena might make a glorious comeback to WWE, to protect the honour of his fans, who stand by him even in his absence. It is only fair that the faith of such loyal fans be rewarded and Cena is all about doing what’s fair.

Maybe all this speculation is reading too much into one small display of arrogance by a WWE United States Champion. But if this indeed is Austin Theories game plan, then he might very soon have a contest on his hands. And beware Austin Theory, John Cena is far from being a spent force.

Ashvinkumar Patil is a Sports Journalist, who likes to use his great writing skills to curate articles about Pro Wrestling here at Clout News.