Austin McBroom Challenges Jake Paul To Be His Next Boxing Opponent

Jake Paul has been raking up wins in his professional boxing career. He is 4-0 as a professional boxer and would be facing Tommy Fury on December 18 for his next boxing match.

Meanwhile, other YouTubers have also jumped on the influencer boxing bandwagon, with ACE Family patriarch Austin McBroom being one of them. Austin McBroom led a successful boxing event titled ‘Battle of Platforms’ earlier in 2021 which saw YouTubers Vs TikTokers in the boxing ring.

Battle Of Platforms

The main event of Battle of Platforms was Austin McBroom pitted against TikToker Bryce Hall. In the end, the ACE Family patriarch took home the win!

However, since the Battle of Platforms, Austin did not return to the boxing ring for any event. But now it seems like he is gearing up to be back in the fight game ‘real soon’.

In his most recent interview with FightHype, Austin McBroom has unveiled plans of getting into training and fighting in the boxing ring very soon. He also commented on the upcoming Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury fight saying that he hopes that ‘it’s going to be a good fight’.

Austin McBroom Vs Jake Paul

Austing McBroom said “Yeah, real soon, man. I’ll be back in training camp in the next couple weeks. Big announcement next couple weeks. So everybody stay tuned.”

On the question whether he wants Jake Paul to be his next boxing opponent, Austin was dead sure about what he wants! “Would I want the Jake Paul fight if we crossed paths? Most definitely, yeah.”

“You know, we got some history there, we got some history there, but we’ll see,” he went on to say.

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